About my work

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My field of study is environmental and social psychology. This is the study of human-environment interactions - in both the theoretical and the applied sense. For instance, how does the environment frame our behaviour - and consequently, what are the consequences of our behaviour to our environment? Why do we hold attitudes to issues? Why do we engage in some behaviours and not others? How do (different) social groups affect how we think, feel and act? How does the style of communication shape how we perceive issues being shared? Does the communication style also influence how we view the communicator?: how? why? How do these message and communicator factors interact to have different effects among different people (i.e., different audiences)?

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Areas of specialism

I am particularly interested in examining these social and psychological dimensions in the context of transport, climate change and sustainability, perceived risk and risk communication, air pollution and new technologies in these contexts.

Given the spectrum of study here, this work is interdisciplinary. I have worked with geographers, sociologists, climate scientists, mathematicians, policy scholars and makers, transport and urban planners. Within and beyond academia.

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Mixture of research methods

Quantitative: Questionnaire design; data entry; analysis (e.g., descriptive stats, reliability analysis, correlations, comparing groups, factor analysis, regressions using SPSS); reporting

Qualitative: In-depth, semi-structured interviews; face-to-face and telephone interviewing; (re-convened) focus groups. Including design, conducting, analysis (using matrix mapping method, grounded theory, thematic analysis); reporting

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Previous projects include

  • Women in construction PR (subcontracted by JFG Comms)
  • Residents’ perceptions of HS2 (Imperial-funded)
  • Resident and commuter perceptions of impacts/ benefits of Crossrail (Imperial-funded)
  • User-experiences of personal air pollution sensors and a smartphone app (Imperial-funded)
  • Climate science communication (ESRC PhD)
  • Evaluation of technical trial testing new methods of road user charging (DfT)
  • Homeworking, flexible working and the commute (EPSRC)
  • Travel needs of older people (EPSRC/ BBSRC)
  • Cycling identity and stereotypes (MSc)

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